Copyright 2014 - Sweet Doll Designs
Copyright 2014 – Sweet Doll Designs

Thank you for visiting Decoding Your Dollars!

Why I started this blog

The Universe can sometimes help you find your passion in mysterious ways.

Several years ago, I was in an interview for a finance position at an investment education company.  I had done my research on the company and found that they had a small financial literacy program, going in to schools and teaching kids about finance.  I was so excited about this program and made sure to mention it in the interview.  It turns out they were phasing out this program, so I was more excited about it than they were!  I have not been able to stop thinking about financial literacy since then.

With this blog, I aim to reach high school juniors and seniors, college kids, and young professionals.  When kids set off on their own, I want them to feel confident in their money skills.  Also, I want to give parents the tools to talk to their kids about money.

I hope that everyone, no matter your phase of life, can find something interesting and helpful in my posts.

About me

I have always been interested in money.  Growing up, I wanted to be a bank teller or a grocery store check-out person because they got to use the cash register.  Anytime my family played Monopoly, I was always the banker 🙂

I also thought I wanted to be a scientist, so I earned a BA in Astrogeophysics and a Minor in Geology from Colgate University.  When it came time to go out in the real world, I realized that my interest was really in numbers of the money variety.

I am currently an Accountant at a non-profit company and I have recently earned an Accounting Degree from University of Virginia.  I am preparing for the CPA exam and I look forward to passing it so that I can focus on my passion – financial literacy!


I would love to hear your money story.  What are you glad you learned about money?  What do you wish your parents had taught you?  What are you glad you taught your kids about money?  What are money topics you’re interested in learning more about?

Thanks for visiting my blog & Happy Decoding!

Best wishes,



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